Our Culture

NorthStar has a singular focus, and that’s anesthesia.

As a company founded by anesthesia care clinicians, we have an in-depth knowledge of this medical specialty and the critical role that it plays in a properly functioning operating room or surgical center.

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NorthStar offers comprehensive anesthesia care solutions that provide greater operational efficiency, cost savings and better clinical outcomes across the entire perioperative continuum.

We Offer a Better Way to Operate

NorthStar has successfully transitioned anesthesia departments in more than 200 facilities in 20+ states, with customized products and solutions to meet each facility’s individual needs. In addition to anesthesia care, we deliver clinical expertise and proven management solutions to empower your OR department.

Changing the anesthesia paradigm.

We recognize the anesthesia impact throughout the perioperative continuum. From pre-op to post-op, NorthStar works to decrease readmission and increase patient satisfaction.

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Changing the anesthesia paradigm.

Our Leadership

As one of the fastest growing anesthesia management companies in the United States, NorthStar employs some of the most innovative leaders in the healthcare services industry.

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Together we can create the greatest anesthesia care community in America.

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