CRNAs are a valued part of NorthStar.

We understand the critical role that CRNAs play at every phase of the perioperative continuum. At NorthStar you’ll be able to operate at the top of your license to provide a wide range of anesthesia services. Working collaboratively alongside your anesthesiologist colleagues, you’ll be part of a productive team that delivers better patient care.

We are clinicians like you.

Founded in 2004 by an anesthesiologist and a CRNA, we continue to maintain a clinician-led executive leadership team. When your hospital contracts with NorthStar; we will provide the resources you need to succeed.

You will have a more dependable schedule and a steadier caseload. Plus, an opportunity to operate at the top of your license and be a part of a culture centered around the unique needs and interests of CRNAs.

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We are clinicians like you.

NorthStar’s clinicians are the best and brightest.

By joining NorthStar, you become part of a national group of leading clinicians who are at the forefront of anesthesia technologies and protocols. You and your CRNA colleagues across the country will share best practices, implement protocols, and deepen your knowledge of anesthesia care. What's more, NorthStar can provide leadership and training opportunities.

We employ a care team model that empowers you to reach your highest potential in anesthesia care.

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We offer stability during changing times.

Healthcare will continue to undergo a major transition in the coming years. Being part of an anesthesia management company that supports advance nursing directives such as the work of CRNAs puts you in the best position for a sustainable career, maximum financial compensation and an optimal lifestyle. Plus, our stable employment model offers opportunities around the country.

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Got what it takes to lead the anesthesia industry? We're always looking for top talent.

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