Business Development Leads Program

A Star is Born

Program Details:

NorthStar is excited to implement a new opportunity for our clinical and corporate providers to take a more active role in NorthStar's growth.

This program is designed to recognize team members who connect the NorthStar business development team with new leads, specifically hospital administrators and clinical leaders in the markets where we currently serve. There are special incentives tied to leads that result in an introductory meeting and significant rewards for leads that result in a signed contract.



Earn $250 for submitting a qualified lead!


Earn $25,000 if your lead turns into a signed service agreement!


Who can Participate?

  • All Corporate and Clinical NorthStar Teammates are eligible for the bonus.
  • Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and OCCO leadership do not qualify; however, clinical chiefs will be included in the business development lead program.

The Fine Print:

  • The employee making the referral must be employed by or contracted with NorthStar. Employees receiving payment must still be employed by or contracted with NorthStar at the time the Service Agreement is signed.
  • What constitutes a ‘lead’?

1. The current team member shares the specific contact information of an individual who is evaluating the need for a new anesthesia provider via email ( to the business development referral inbox. The inquiry must have a personal contact number or email to qualify. The general hospital phone number will not be considered eligible.

2. The lead passer should consult with the business development team on the best way to make an email or phone introduction. Using existing collateral and templates as appropriate, the lead passer must then make the introduction for the right NorthStar leader to follow up.

3. The lead is credited to be paid after a live connection (phone or in person) has been made, regardless of whether it converts into business or not for NorthStar.

  • “Star” payment will be made in the pay period immediately following the initial call/meeting. “Supernova” payment is made in the pay period immediately following the signing of the Service Agreement if made within 18 months.
  • If more than one employee submits the same qualifying lead, the Chief Growth Officer will determine who receives the bonus. If determined a split, the $25,000 signed agreement incentive will be shared across all employees who refer for the same facility – even if they refer different individual contacts. Communication will be sent to inform the individuals that there are multiple employees who referred the facility.
  • NorthStar can modify, change or cancel the program at will without any notice. 

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