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As a CRNA, you have unique needs and interests that are different from anesthesiologists. You want to be able to operate at the top of your license to provide a wide range of anesthesia services. And you want to do so in a collaborative atmosphere where your skills and experience are respected and valued.

CRNAs at NorthStar Receive More Than a Just a Job

Leadership Advocacy

You’ll become part of a company founded and led by clinicians who are dedicated to ensuring a culture centered around the unique needs and interests of CRNAs.


You’ll work in a collaborative environment alongside your anesthesiologist colleagues in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Stable and Competitive Compensation

You'll receive an attractive salary with ongoing professional benefits and our metrics-based incentive program rewards you for high-quality care.

Better Management

You’ll be part of a more productive team that delivers better care.

Professional Development

NorthStar offers CRNAs continuous training as well as leadership opportunities.

Flexible Employment

Our stable employment model offers opportunities across the country.

  • "Northstar has not only allowed, but more importantly encouraged me, to develop and grow my skills as a clinician and a clinical leader. The leadership team that has been put in place to support me is second to none. I have access to opportunities I never had before partnering with Northstar. "

    Will Howell, MSN,CRNA

    Regional Director CRNA Services

At Northstar, You're the Star.

NorthStar understands the critical role that CRNA’s play in anesthesia care. We provide facilities with a range of care team model options, including a model that consists of only CRNAs. 

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