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As a CRNA, you have unique needs and interests that are different from anesthesiologists. You want to be able to operate at the top of your license to provide a wide range of anesthesia services. And you want to do so in a collaborative atmosphere where your skills and experience are respected and valued.

CRNAs at NorthStar Receive More Than a Just a Job

Leadership Advocacy

You’ll become part of a company founded and led by clinicians who are dedicated to ensuring a culture centered around the unique needs and interests of CRNAs.


You’ll work in a collaborative environment alongside your anesthesiologist colleagues in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Stable and Competitive Compensation

You'll receive an attractive salary with ongoing professional benefits and our metrics-based incentive program rewards you for high-quality care.

Better Management

You’ll be part of a more productive team that delivers better care.

Professional Development

NorthStar offers CRNAs continuous training as well as leadership opportunities.

Flexible Employment

Our stable employment model offers opportunities across the country.

  • "Northstar has not only allowed, but more importantly encouraged me, to develop and grow my skills as a clinician and a clinical leader. The leadership team that has been put in place to support me is second to none. I have access to opportunities I never had before partnering with Northstar. "

    Will Howell, MSN,CRNA

    Regional Director CRNA Services
  • "There are a wide range of opportunities available to all clinicians, from being a daily clinical provider to growing with the company and being in leadership roles. Your options don't end on a particular path, but opportunities can evolve as your life changes. You can even travel -- at most companies that option doesn't even exist!"

    Jennifer Quicci, CRNA, MS

    Chief Anesthetist Officer North Division

At Northstar, You're the Star.

NorthStar understands the critical role that CRNA’s play in anesthesia care. We provide facilities with a range of care team model options, including a model that consists of only CRNAs. 

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