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Today’s healthcare environment can be challenging for anesthesiologists. You’re committed to your profession, but may also be bogged down with administrative tasks and worried about job security. Burnout rates are high. As a company co-founded by an anesthesiologist, we understand.

Anesthesiologists at NorthStar Receive More Than a Just a Job

Professional Development

As a national group of leading anesthesia clinicians, you and your colleagues will share best practices and deepen your knowledge base.

Stable and Competitive Compensation

You’ll have a guaranteed salary with ongoing professional benefits, and you’ll maintain long-term competitiveness.

A Rewarding Environment

Our metrics-based incentive program rewards you for high-quality care.

Leadership Roles

As part of physician-led teams that understand perioperative dynamics, you’ll have the opportunity to set the standard for best practices in anesthesia.

Career Longevity

NorthStar's sustainable business model and broad network offers you job security and stability.

Better Work-Life Balance

Our care team models feature increased flexibility and reduced call frequency. Plus, our standardized procedures eliminate unnecessary paperwork.

  • "Leadership at NorthStar is still clinically involved. You don't have leaders here that haven't practiced in 10 years, so they're familiar with recent trends, the latest equipment, and most importantly they understand the plate of the person on the ground so they are able to relate and make decisions in everyone's best interest."

    Chris Copley

  • "They help us learn how we lead, our deficiencies as a leader and shining a light on things we do well and trying to cultivate that."

    Rico Perkins

    Medical Director of Anesthesia

At NorthStar, You're the Star.

Our clinician-centric culture allows you to thrive in an evolving healthcare landscape while maintaining an optimal lifestyle. It also puts you in the best position to have a sustainable practice, competitive financial compensation and an optimal lifestyle.

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